"The Haunted Barnstable Village Tour was eerily educational."

                                                                          ~Massachusetts Resident




"The cemetery was fun and scary"

                                                                                      ~GA College Student




"I couldn't sleep

for a week."

                            ~18yr old CT Student




"Historically accurate"

                          ~Barnstable High School Teacher






(Excluding Monday & Friday Nights)

Barnstable Village's

Haunted & History Walking Tour

Created by Derek Bartlett, Founder of Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary to fill your evenings? Join us as we walk the historic and haunted “Old Kings Highway” in Barnstable Village.. As the tour starts you will hear stories of the conflict between the Loyalists and the American Whigs (Patriots) and how England had a stronghold on this small quaint town. There are over ten stops on the tour and eight have ghost stories. You will visit Cobb’s Hill Cemetery where many strange and unusual things have taken place. You will visit such places as the Barnstable Tavern & Restaurant where a mischievous specter lurks in the dining room. As we walk along the historic highway there is a possibility that the tour may be followed by one of the town former residents. As the tours ends you will enter the darken  “Old Jail” built in 1690’s by the order of Massachusetts Bay Colony Courts, which is actively haunted.

Tour Dates

April 16 - November 15

Private Tours are available



TIME: 7:00PM


Price: $15.00 adults,  $8.00 children 8-12yrs old, under 8 FREE



Tours Begins at:

                           US. Coast Guard Heritage Museum / Old Jail

                           3353 Main Street (6A)

                           Barnstable, MA 02630


Parking:  in front of the Old Jail on the grass.


Estimated Length: 2 hrs


Private Tours: Private Tours are available for groups of 6 people or more and a non-refundable deposit of  $7.50 per person is required. Check with us about customizing your tour!


To reserve your space or for more Information:

call  508-771-2725





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