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Basic Equipment
Basic Photography
Basic Weather
Basic Etiquette




These pages are to let you get insight of the basic fundamentals of investigating the paranormal. It is the belief of Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society that if you have the right knowledge and tactics that you can assist all paranormal groups and or societies in their pursuit of obtaining critical information of paranormal events.


Basic Photography

One crucial and highly notable way to document paranormal events is with a camera. The following page will help you with taking photographs, flaws in development, digital cameras, tests you can do with your camera and camera basic. This pages was designed for people who want to know a little bit more when it comes to using a camera in the field


Basic Equipment

In the field you will need equipment to help you document your findings. The following page is the basic equipment or materials you will need when investigating paranormal events. Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society still uses these basic devises and materials in their investigations. This list of equipment is sure to put you on the right track of documenting your findings

Basic Weather Tips

When investigating the weather can play a huge role in the evidence you have collected. This page will help you understand why weather can effect your findings as well as effect your equipment. We have come across some atmospheric anomalies that can effect the outcome of an investigations.

Basic Investigating Etiquette

Your role as an investigator should be the first and foremost important thing on your mind. This page will help you on how to conduct yourself in the field. We always get permission where ever we go. You have to be creditable when in the field. We would like for you to follow these guidelines when in the field.


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