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Field Investigator
Skeptical Advisor


Famous People in

Paranormal Studies


 Joseph Dunninger



 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle



 Sir William Crookes



John Green


Algernon Blackwood



Peter Byrne




Catherine Crowe



Rene Dahinden


William Fletcher Barrett 



 Frederick Bligh Bond



Harry Price


 Sigmund Freud







Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society is looking for open-minded individuals who are highly motivated in all areas of paranormal studies.  They must be willing to uphold our high standards of professionalism in the investigation and research of the science, history, folklore, and unexplained activities of the paranormal.


Please Read All Requirements Carefully for Each Position and Applying


Field Investigator:

This is one of the most active positions in CAIPRS.  These individuals will be asked to participate in investigations that could be for prolonged periods of time.  By undergoing rigorous training of all equipment and technological procedures, they will remain up-to-date on the most recent advancements in investigational techniques. 


If Interested in becoming a CAIPRS Field Investigator

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Since research is such an integral part of what we do, this position is at the heart of CAIPRS.  These individuals need to possess strong attention to detail as they will be actively examining all historical data relevant to each location we investigate and developing a critical informational platform.  They must also have a keen interest in anthropological studies as these team members will be required to research paranormal events throughout history.


If interested in becoming a CAIPRS Researcher

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Skeptical Advisor:

This position is essential for maintaining our scientific integrity, therefore these individuals must have comprehensive knowledge in the field of science and an unbiased view of the paranormal .  It is highly beneficial for these members to possess a strong working knowledge of the scientific method as they will be scrutinizing all our investigational data and proposing all possible natural sources for any documented phenomenon.


If interested in becoming a CAIPRS Skeptical Advisor

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CAIPRS Liaison:

This position is for people who would like to be a part of our paranormal society, but are limited in their availability to actively pursue paranormal events.  These individuals would still be responsible for contributing accounts of paranormal activity and for assisting the team on investigations in their geographical location, but only to the extent that their availability allows.

If interested In becoming a CAIPRS Liaison

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CAIPRS Consultant:

We here at CAIPRS want people we can turn to when we obtain information or have a situation we are less knowledgeable of. This position is for people who are experts when it comes to the field we need help with, such as electricians, physiologists, plumbers etc... 


If interested in becoming a CAIPRS Consultant

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