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The CAIPRS website is designed to provide valuable educational tools and comprehensive support for those seeking the Paranormal. Our society of paranormal researchers and investigators conducts investigations of alleged paranormal activity throughout New England and the U.S.

Our Research

Educational Reading

You must first step not into a haunted house but into a library.


On these pages you are going to find what is in an investigators arsenal of technical gadgets.


One crucial and highly notable way to document paranormal events is with a camera.


"I bet you will think I am crazy." Are these the first words you hear from someone looking for help?

Residential Etiquette

We built this page to help you with the cases that take place in a home.

Commercial Etiquette

"What is it with this building"? This page will help you with those questions.

Graveyard Etiquette

Everyone who investigates or visits a cemetery should view this page


Have you thought of becoming involved in researching the paranormal?