Nancy Jenkins, Field Investigator

Nancy Jenkins

Nancy joined CAIPRS in May 2007. When Nancy was ten she was aware “something” was different in her large house (built in 1802) she called home. She felt that it had a negative feel to it. Throughout the years there, doors opened and closed, windows slammed shut, “eyes” watched her, and related things entered the world of an eight year old. As the years went by, incidents were all most like “normal” to Nancy. The haunting still still gave her a jump sometimes but it brought the world of paranormal in her lap.

Moving away from home did not stop experiences. Through college, marriage and beyond there were paranormal situations. As the years went by, Nancy watched as many “scary” movies, and programs and visited as many cemeteries as possible. Desired to take a class in paranormal studies, and join a group while in California. Colleges had dropped their paranormal classes and the groups were too many hours away to join. Still, Nancy read lots of books and talked with others who had experiences.

She hopes to be active with them for many years to come. Going on investigations is one of her main interests now but all the meetings and learning about equipment and all the training are high on the list of educational advancement and to use when the occasion requires them.